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MAKE:VIDEO @ Maker Faire NYC 2015

On September 26th BIBIM had a third test at Maker Faire 2015 in New York. I further developed the experience by expanding the tool of sophisticated pattern design…

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BIBM @ American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History on June 12th On June 12th BIBIM had a second test with the One Step Beyond performance at the American Museum of Natural…

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RENDER GRAM @ Judson Memorial Church

Judson Memorial Church on April 16. “Render Gram” uses the “BIBIM” interface at it’s  full potential. On April 16th BIBIM had a big test with collaboration with a musical…


MIRROR BALL @ American Museum of Natural History

Dirty Projectors (DJ Set) with Skinny Freidman, and holographic lasers by Derek Sweeney Kesler, Import/Export Visuals by GLOWING PICTURES MIRROR BALL by 3D Printing / Razor cutting



EYE BALLS : A real-time Audio/Visual performance Collaboration with  IP Chang and John Choi Location: IAC 555 West 18th St and West side Highway, New York, NY 120 feet  X 10 feet video wall…

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Human nature + Sense I

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Human nature + Sense II

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Human nature + Sense III